At a Crossroads

At a Crossroads

Assalamu alaykum,

And here we are at the conclusion of another chapter of this luminous journey. Many of us have shed tears, our hearts have been broken for Allah and then healed, our souls were nourished in the presence of RasulAllah sallallahu alayhi wassalam.

The hearts ached as we left the city of light, some of us had bodies bruised and battered to reach the mercy of Allah. If Allah describes the words of the non-believers who say that this life is like a moment that passed us by, well we have had many moments in the days gone by that will remain with us insha’Allah

Our lives, unlike the disbelievers, are filled with moments that are connected to the All-Living and All-Loving. He is Alive and we are alive only through Him.

Our lives are now enriched with the friendships we have forged and moments shared with nothing between us except the love of Allah and His Beloved Salallahu Alayhi Wassalam. May Allah grant us His shade on the day when we need it most. May our Beloved Master accept us all insha’Allah.

He is generous and accepting of all who come humbly before him. I ask Allah subhanahu ta’ala to magnify your love for Him, for His Beloved Salallahu Alayhi wassalam and his family.

To those who leave (back home before the next part of our Sacred Links journey to Amman and Jerusalem), insha’Allah we will be united at the Hawd, and to those who journey ahead with us may Allah make firm your footsteps, lighten the burden on your hearts, invigorate your souls, energise your organs, and open doors of mercy in Amman, and Jordan as a whole, and I ask Allah to make easy our path to Al-Quds.

May Allah allow us to walk through the gates unabated, unchallenged and aided by His Power. As we walk this earth in humility, sending peace even to those who address us with ignorance, I ask Allah through the love He has for His Beloved Salallahu Alayhi Wassalam to open our hearts and souls to Him.