Sacred Links April 2020 Application and Details

Sacred Links April 2020 Application and Details


31/5/2021: All tickets from the planned Sacred Links trip that was booked for April 2020 have all been refunded back to the group members. We are praying to Allah that 2022 might be the year we make our next Sacred Links journey to Madinah, Makkah, Jordan, and Palestine, including Masjid al-Aqsa. 

27/2/2020  2:21pm: We understand that Saudi Arabia has announced a temporary ban for Umrah visitors due to the Coronavirus outbreak worldwide. Sacred Links is awaiting official advice in relation to the situation for those departing from Australia. We will keep our travellers updated insha Allah and how this may or may not affect them.

NEW: 10 night Umrah only now available, price from $4,200 (updated 2nd January 2020)

Your first 10 nights will be exactly the same as the rest of the group (see itinerary below).

You will have exactly the same itinerary as the full group during your stay, including all the tours to sacred sites. Just no Jordan or Palestine 🙁

So that means you depart Sydney (or any other capital city) on Wednesday 8 April, returning Monday 20 April at 5:50pm.

If this works for you, fill in the form at the bottom of this page so we can start the booking process and confirm a draft flight schedule for you.


Sacred Links: 8th to 28th April 2020

  • Departure is insha Allah on the evening of Wednesday 8th April 2020 from Sydney (or other capital city).
  • Return is on the evening of Tuesday 28th April 2020.
  • The full trip will therefore be 3 weeks duration, with 18 nights booked accommodation
  • The first 19 confirmed travellers will be accommodated at our closer (to Masjid al-Aqsa) hotel in Jerusalem for the first 3 nights, then moving to join the rest of the group at the slightly further away hotel


Relive the Madinan Era and experience the deep spiritual memories of Prophetic locations and events
  • 6 Nights in Madinah staying at the Millenium al-Aqeeq 5 Star Hotel (or similar)
  • Relive the journey to Badr, stopping at points along the way as the Prophet Muhammad (s) did with his companions
  • See where the angels descended in support of the companions
  • Witness the site of the famous battles (Uhud, Badr) and picture the events before you
  • Picture the Masjid al-Nabawi as it was when the Prophet Muhammad (s) first visited Madinah with a special walking tour of the sacred haram area and places where the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prayed Eid Salah
  • Visit historical sites such as Mt Uhud, Masjid Qiblatayn and Qubā, Madina Museum, Prophetic wells, site of the Battle of Badr (see where the Prophet ﷺ camped), plus other significant places
  • Discover the love that sparked between Mt Uhud and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
  • Walking tours, day trips, guided bus tours to the above Prophetic sites and more
  • Daily lessons
  • Daily buffet breakfast


Relive the first revelations at the Cave of Hira (if you’re ready to climb Jabal al-Nur)
  • 4 Nights in Makkah staying at the Swissotel Makkah 5 Star Hotel (or similar, in the Abraj)
  • Remember the sacrifice and struggle at the Cave of Thawr
  • Spiritually connect to the Mother of the Believers, Sayyidah Khadijah, at Jannatul Mu’allah
  • Feel the mercy as you climb Jabal al-Rahmah at Arafat and pour your heart out to your Lord
  • Drink from Zamzam to your heart’s content and take some back home with you (5L)
  • Daily lessons
  • Daily buffet breakfast


Relive the miraculous story of the youth of the cave (ashabul kahf) and remember their steadfastness
  • 3 Nights in Amman
  • Step back in time for a day to the 10,000 year old city of Petra, one of the 7 new wonders of the world
  • Retrace the steadfastness of the great companions such as Jafar al-Tayyar, Zayd ibn Hārith and Abdullāh ibn Rawāha , at the Battle of Mu’ta
  • Reflect on the story of Prophet Shu’ayb at his maqam, remembering his peaceful welcoming of Prophet MusaLearn companionship as you visit the maqam of Prophet Yūsha’, the companion of Prophet Musa during his journey to al-Khidr
  • Remember the close companions and one who was promised paradise, such as Abu Ubaydah bin al-Jarrāh
  • Mt Nebo where Prophet Musa saw Palestine
  • Breakfast and dinner included, plus lunch upon arrival the first day from Jeddah


Experience the sanctity of the first qibla in Islam and the second house of worship of Allah built on earth
  • 5 Nights in Jerusalem
  • Tour of Masjid al-Aqsā and its surrounds, discovering the many masjids that form Masjid al-Aqsa
  • Witness where the Prophet Muhammad (s) tied the buraq before ascending to the heavens
  • See where the Prophet Muhammad (s) led the 124,000 Prophets in salah on the night of Isra’ and Mi’raj
  • Discover al-Khalil, the Masjid of Prophet Ibrahim that marks the place of his burial. This is considered the fourth sacred precinct by many locals.
  • Recall the struggle of Prophet Yunus at Halhul, where he spent a period of his life
  • Stroll through the Old City of Quds, speaking and dealing with locals
  • Breakfast and dinner included

Other inclusions

  • Pre travel preparation seminar
  • Backpack
  • Ihrām clothes for men
  • Jilbāb for women

Package price: $7,300 AUD


Summary of Conditions:

Accommodation is triple share. Twin share upon request (additional fee). Flights from Sydney (or any other capital city) to Madinah on Etihad, then return from Amman to Sydney. Travellers from other Australian capital cities and New Zealand are welcome. Price is correct at time of publishing and subject to change due to fluctuations in airfares. Places are confirmed when online form has been completed, application accepted, passport details provided, deposit paid, and flight itinerary confirmed with issued tickets upon your final approval. Each traveller will need to arrange their own Saudi visa separately through the online Saudi visa processing platform.

The outline of our overall itinerary is as follows:

  • Wednesday 8th April at 8:55pm: Depart Sydney (or other capital city) to Madinah (via Abu Dhabi on Etihad Airways)
  • Thursday 9th April: Arrive Madinah Airport at 11:20am. Take a private bus from the Airport to our 5 star Hotel close to haram. Staying for 6 Nights stay with 4 full daily tours. Includes walking tour of the Haram, plus entry to Madinah Museum and multiple daily bus tours to Sacred Sites with expert tour guide.
  • Wednesday 15th April: Depart Madinah by bus after putting on our Ihram clothes, heading towards Makkah. First stop would be Dhul Hulayfa, where we make intention for Ihram and pray our two rak’at of sunnat al-ihram. Bus trip is usually around 5 hours long. Arrive into Makkah late afternoon/early evening to perform Umrah and stay 4 Nights at our 5 star Hotel (in the Abraj, in front of the haram). We will have a day bus tour to visit the Sacred Sites of Makkah, including Arafah, Muzdalifah, Mina, Caves of Hira and Thawr, and more.
  • Sunday 19th April: Depart Makkah (private bus) at 2:00am to Jeddah. Leave Jeddah at 7:50am to Amman (Royal Jordanian Airways). Arrive into Amman at 9:50am for 3 Nights stay (4 star hotel) and daily tours. We have included a day visit to Petra, in addition to the many other sites such as Ashabul Kahf, site of the Battle and Shuhada’ of Mu’ta and Nabi Shu’ayb.
  • Wednesday 22nd April: Arrive into Jerusalem (bus travel from Amman) for 5 Nights stay and tours
  • Monday 27th April: Depart Jerusalem by 8:30am to Amman (private bus) to catch flight back to Sydney (or any other return destination)
  • Tuesday 28th April at 5:50pm: Arrive into Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (or other capital city) inshallah

This page will be updated with a list of Frequently Asked Questions, inclusions and exclusions. But for now, note the following.


Why are you only staying in Makkah for 4 nights?

  • Based on experience, our Madinah Sacred Links tours are quite extensive, and with a full day taken for visiting the site of the Battle of Badr – we need the full 6 days in Madinah to get to the very special places. We would love to be able to spend more time in Makkah as well, but have decided to cap the combined Madinah and Makkah stay to 10 nights in total.

Can I stay in my hotel room and not attend the tours with the group?

  • You are of course free to spend your time as you please. However, given that this is a specially arranged experience that is designed to give you a deep, spiritual sense of our Islamic history, civilisation and heroes, we highly encourage you to participate in all Sacred Links group activities and visits.

If this is my first Umrah, and I have never been to Jordan or Palestine, won’t it be difficult?

  • Allah says in the Quran ‘alongside every difficulty there is ease.’ You will have people with you who have been there before, so don’t worry. You will also be invited to attend a special pre-travel seminar to go through absolutely everything you would need to prepare for.

Do I have to pay for visas and exit fees in different countries?

  • We will take care of everything except for:
    • the exit fee upon exiting the Israeli border (182 Shekels, equivalent to approx. $75 AUD). Each traveller has to pay this in local currency at the border. We will let you know where you can exchange your money whilst in Jerusalem for the exact amount required. Since we can’t pay for this in advance as a group, that’s why it’s not included in the package.
    • the Saudi entry/Umrah visa. Since Saudi Arabia has opened up an online visa processing facility, you can easily apply for your Saudi visa online. You will have to pay the fee yourself (440 Saudi Riyals, equivalent to approx. $171 AUD